Clear to Close Mortgage Processing is a Minnesota licensed company offering third-party mortgage processing services.  We work side by side with you to close more mortgage loans. We process Portfolio and Secondary Market loans using our systems or yours. We deliver fast turn times with flat-fee pricing and no surprises. Our lenders tell us the most significant benefit of using Clear to Close is getting the latest technology for their customers, including eAPPLICATION, eSIGNATURE, and eDOCUMENT REQUEST.  Another significant advantage, you do not pay the processing fee, it is added to the LE/CD. We only get paid when the loan is closed and funded.  Let us help your business grow while saving time and reducing overhead. Imagine getting the mortgage processing expertise and technology you need in today’s marketplace without incurring the human capital expense! 

Our services allow our clients to focus on their core competencies by leveraging our loan processing experience and resources. Our primary focus is for lenders to focus on building client relationships, increase their pipelines and company’s growth while we partner with you in the back office.

Clear to Close Mortgage Processing was born out of the need to assist lenders who need less than a full-time Loan Processor or to cover for volume overflow. Along with the constant changes in the loan products and programs, loan processing can also be very tedious, labor-intensive, and is known to be the most critical task in the mortgage industry. Due to the intensity and complexity of this role, it can take the focus away from the loan originating. By outsourcing your loan processing to us, we can assist you in streamlining your business processes to increase internal productivity and efficiency, reduce processing costs by meeting your goals in closing more loans. We can provide you with a custom-fit business solution to help you originate more loans. We review the entire loan application package and communicate with Loan Officers, Openers, Underwriters, and Closers throughout each step of the process from beginning to end.

Expedited Processing 

We are fully committed to exceeding your expectations by thoroughly processing your loans with a sense of urgency and efficiency. By drawing on decades of experience in interpreting and applying mortgage guidelines to minimize the amount of time, it takes to receive the “Clear to Close.”

Experience You Can Trust

We have over 25 years’ experience in the mortgage industry. Consider us as an extension of your processing and underwriting departments. Improve your workflow and minimize your underwriting risk with our Freddie Mac’s Loan Product Advisor. 

Flat Fees | No Surprises | No Overhead Costs

Our flat fee pricing takes the guesswork out of your loan processing costs. The best part is that the processing fee does not come out of your pocket. The third-party processing fee is added to the LE/CD and paid at closing. No need for hiring, training, or additional office space.

Done Your Way

We have the flexibility to process your loans your way, using your systems or ours.  Loan files can be submitted either continuously or from time-to-time when needed to cover overflow or employee absence. 

eAPP  |  eSIGN   |   eDOC  

Clear to Close welcomes the opportunity to partner with you.