With eApplication, eSignature, and eDoc Request. eApplication is an easy-to-use borrower loan interview platform that you can deliver to prospective borrowers via your personalized link — using smart technology to intuitively prompt borrowers with questions that apply to their unique situation and loan inquiry. Clear to Close has the technology your customers want! Giving your borrowers access to complete the online application “eAPP,” electronically sign the initial and closing disclosures “eSIGN,” and submit the required documentation “eDOC REQUEST” via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

What Your Borrowers Want!


• 72% Want Online Application

• 70% Want Online Doc Submission

Human Touch

• 65% Review Terms & Option

• 58% Review Final Docs


Easy to understand language that borrowers can understand.

10 minutes to complete a loan app.

76% Submission rate.

Quick and simple account setup.

Mobile responsive design improves borrowers experience.

Showcase your brand with a personalized Loan Officer URL, photo, and company logo.

SECURE - The transfer of information is encrypted, HTTP Secure (HTTPS), and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate


Short Circuit TRID Timelines – eSign equals hand delivery and gone are the days of the long, drawn-out document collection. The technology has camera capture features, making the process convenient; receiving loan documents in a snap.

Capture More Leads - Let your borrowers start the loan process, upload documents, and initiate automated asset verification when and where it’s convenient for them with mobile-responsive design.

Meet More Borrowers - Brand yourself as the top producing loan originator you are. Share your personalized URL with prospective borrowers to promote and grow your business.


Millennial and mobile-friendly - Enable borrowers to start the loan process when, where, and how they want. Mobile-friendly, be ready when your borrowers are, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Save time for you and your borrowers - No confusing forms. No paperwork. No headaches. Your borrowers can complete the necessary steps in the loan process in minutes.

Easy from start to finish - Capture accurate information that integrates directly with Clear to Close, reducing errors and increasing processing speed.



Clear to Close Mortgage Processing uses the best-in-class electronic signature and electronic document submission tool. INK-it meets ESIGN and UETA requirements. Designed to work with our loan originating system, providing you with an audit trail and a final tamper-evident digital certificate. INK-it will completely change the way you work!

- Increased disclosure speed, process is authenticated, easy access for all parties

- Enhanced security, detect minor document altering, record more data points than with paper

- Lower transaction cost, reduce human errors, save on paper, copying, packaging, and shipping.

Demo eApplication

Get your personalized URL, add your bank logo/banner that links to your bank's home page, add your photo, and a personal message.

Take a tour of the eAPPLICATION from your borrowers perspective.